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Types of Underground Gas Storage Facilities


These are depleted oil or natural gas reservoirs that can be used again for gas storage. Gas is stored in porous rock formations, most frequently composed of sandstones and variously compacted sands with clay veins. Impermeable rock forms the sealing layer of the reservoir structures. Porous gas storage facilities include aquifers, natural water reservoirs composed of rock suitable for gas storage. In aquifers, gas pressure drives water down to greater depths, which creates space for gas itself.


Cavern gas storage constitutes a special type of gas storage facilities. They involve man-made caverns left after mineral extraction (salt caverns, abandoned coal and other mines) or caverns created specifically for gas storage purposes. A great flexibility is an advantage of these gas storage facilities. The speeds of gas injection and withdrawal depend only on the limitations of the surface plant. Compared with porous gas storage facilities, caverns can be emptied and refilled several times per year.

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