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Services Offered

Subject to having available storage capacity, the SSO shall provide each of the Storage Customers with the booking of the following types of storage capacity:

  1. Firm Storage Capacity on an annual basis (pdf)
  2. Firm Storage Capacity on a monthly basis (pdf)
  3. Firm Storage Capacity on a daily basis (pdf)
  4. Interruptible Storage Capacity on a daily basis (pdf)

All types of storage capacities are described in Storage System Operator’s Code.
The respective standard contract forms are listed in  Documents.

Capacity Sale

The process of storage capacity booking is described in  Storage System Operator’s Code.
At the moment SPP Storage, s.r.o. does not offer any free storage capacity.
SSO allows storage customers secondary transfers or lease of contracted storage capacity.
The conditions of transfer or lease of contracted storage capacity are provided in Storage System Operator’s Code.
Our company applies Compliance Programme.

Storage Tariffs

Price for storage is determined by electronic auctions.
Relevant information is described in Storage System Operator’s Code

Indicative Storage Calculator

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Note: These calculations and prices are indicative only. SPP Storage, s.r.o. reserves the right to change the calculations and prices without giving any reasons. The stated prices cannot be claimed through any legal action and do not commit SPP Storage, s.r.o. to entering into gas storage agreements under the above conditions or to any other activity or business matter in respect of any existing or potential storage customer.

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