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Daily Data 19/06/2019
Total capacity available for the following gas day
MWh m3
Total withdrawal rate 95,580 9,000,000
Total injection rate 21,240 2,000,000
Total contract capacity for following gas day
MWh m3
Total contract withdrawal rate 95,580 9,000,000
Total contract injection rate 21,240 2,000,000
Current inventory level of gas in UGS
Current capacity 5,385,456
Interrupted interruptible capacity
MWh Kč/MWh
Total firm injection rate 0 0
Total firm withdrawal rate 0 0
Interrupted Firm Capacity
Withdrawal capacity 0
Injection capacity 0
Daily injection and withdraval
MWh m3
Withdrawal capacity 0 0
Injection capacity 0 0
  • The volume data are in cubic metres under standard conditions, i.e. 20°C; 101.325 kPa; φ=0.
  • A gas day starts at 6.00 a.m. on a calendar day and ends at 6.00 a.m. on the following calendar day.
  • Gas quantity stored represents the gas quantity stored at the end of the given gas day.
  • Data in this table reflect the current status and can be modified. SPP Storage, s.r.o. shall not be held liable for any processing, interpretation or further publication of these data by third parties or for any damage that may so be caused.
  • The published operational data are in compliance with legal requirements set forth by the Energy Act, the Public Notice on the Gas Market Rules and the respective decisions of the Energy Regulatory Office.

Key technical parameters

Nominal storage capacity:

6117 GWh (576 million Nm3)

Maximum injection capacity:

up to 74.34 GWh/day
(7 million Nm3/day)

Maximum withdrawal capacity:

up to 95.58 GWh/day
(9 million Nm3/day) 

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