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The Development Projects Prepared by SPP Storage, s.r.o.

At the present, SPP Storage, s.r.o. is preparing the development project:

“Interconnection of UGS Dolní Bojanovice to the transmission network of NET4GAS and related technological adjustments of the UGS facility”

As the name of the project may indicate, its purpose is the physical connection of UGS Dolní Bojanovice to the Czech transmission system with the beneficial impact to its resilience and flexibility.

After realisation of the project UGS Dolní Bojanovice will be situated at the junction of East-West and North-South transmission corridors and it is expectable that there will be a wide scope of positive externalities in all countries within the reach of the respective transmission pipelines. This could include predominantly the security of supply, system flexibility and market integration.

The project has already been included into the Ten Year Network Development Plan of Gas Transmission Network System in the Czech Republic 2016 – 2025 (TYNDP).

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