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We conduct all our activities with respect to the environment

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Environment and OSH

  • Environmental responsibility is one of our top priorities

We conduct all our activities with respect and care for the environment and systematically assess risks in order to achieve sustainable development. Above all, employee training in environmental protection is an integral part of this. In our current operations, we seek optimal solutions to minimize our impact on the environment. Environmental activities go beyond legal requirements, with legislative constraints representing the minimum necessary.  Internal and external control activities, and a subsequent process of resolving non-conformities or recommendations for continuous improvement, are used to consistently meet the objectives.

Our commitment to the environment is further affirmed by setting aside appropriate reserves to mitigate the impact of our activities in the future. In particular, this concerns the disposal, remediation and bioremediation of our sites and their reintegration into nature, as well as the return of land to agricultural use.

An important part of our commitment to the environment is the exploration of synergies between our activities and renewable energy sources. Having extensive know-how and advanced technological infrastructure, the gas sector is an ideal partner for the future development of renewable energy sources.


  • Health and safety at work

Our company's core values include professional performance and accountability, which contribute to improving safety in task execution. We place great emphasis on the safety of our employees and operations, which is also linked to our role as a stable pillar of secure gas supply. The company's goal is to continuously enhance the level of operational safety, primarily through prevention. 

Proper attention is paid to process safety and best practices are applied, and we actively cooperate with reputable companies in this area.  

As part of ongoing improvement and education, the scope and level of employee knowledge is enhanced through personal certifications and training. 


  • Methane emissions

We also address the issue of methane emissions reduction, which is currently being actively addressed in the gas industry.